Asbestos Management Systems

At ARL we believe that asbestos management should be as straight forward as possible. Therefore we can provide you with a no nonsense online asbestos management tool that will suit your needs.

Our Online system provides you access to your asbestos register, giving you total freedom and flexibility with the ability to call up accurate data, anywhere. The asbestos software offers complete control, with a range of password-protected user logins offering differing levels of access and rights. The unique web based system is ideal for keeping track of data on asbestos in buildings, asbestos in houses, potential asbestos exposure and more.

With our online asbestos software you are in full control. Your unique log-in details will allow you to create other individual log-ins, each one restricted to allow access to specific areas of the site. You choose who can read data, who can input data, and who can view or print reports. You can also designate log-in details to expire after a given period of time - ideal for contractors moving on to other jobs. Every individual access to the register is automatically tracked, creating a log detailing all entries and enquiries. This audit trail provides valuable evidence of each user's activities, with a clear and accurate account of who has accessed what data, and when.

Your online asbestos register can include photographs, plans, assessments, previous survey data and an ongoing risk assessment review - all available over a standard PC internet connection to any designated user.

Social Housing and Schemes Asbestos Management System ARL can also offer a tailored system for managing housing surveys and asbestos survey data for large numbers of domestic housing stock - ideal for local authority housing managers responsible for managing asbestos in houses. This system is designed for managers and owners of large numbers of domestic housing stock. The software provides a computerised system designed to be at the core of asbestos management. Innovative, clear and easy to use, it provides users with detailed "drill down" data access and a management regime that will enable you to meet the legislative responsibilities. Users can produce reports, search for samples, view statistical analysis and initiate revisits. The system meets current HSE requirements and will be enhanced, if necessary, to meet future changes. All software updates are supplied free of charge. Record the presence of asbestos in houses, entering original asbestos survey data including colour photographs. Import data from an existing housing list. Receive automatically selected samples of buildings for housing surveys. Plan inspection regimes. Analyse asbestos occurrence data with statistical tables. Track progress throughout the asbestos survey. Allow authorised personnel read-only access to data.

Produce original detailed asbestos survey reports, allowing quick and easy identification of asbestos locations. Use analysis reports with management and budgeting data to conduct detailed investigations into asbestos problems. Produce tenant letters using existing templates or your own format. Schedule appointments with tenants and surveyors.