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Ensuring You Stay Safe & Compliant
Let ARL help compile an Asbestos Management Plan and Reinspect any identified asbestos to ensure you stay compliant and have a plan in place in case of accidental disturbance

Asbestos Management Plans & Reinspection Surveys

We achieve this by providing the very best service through understanding your objectives.

With effective communication with you, realistic targets can be set and consistently achieved on time and to budget.

So now that you’ve have had an Asbestos Survey conducted of your premises you have completed the key stage in asbestos management. But it does not end there. If asbestos has been identified anywhere in your building it will need to be managed. Depending on its condition this could mean complete removal, encapsulation and repair or left in-situ and managed. It is vital therefore that an asbestos management plan (AMP) is drawn-up and adhered to by all your employees and those persons likely to come into contact with the asbestos in your building.

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Asbestos Management Plan & Staying Compliant with CAR2012

ARL can provide you with bespoke solutions to your asbestos management needs. We will design a plan that relates to your business and your people, thus ensuring compliance with the AMP is as easy as possible.

ARL can offer you a comprehensive service for dealing with asbestos and its related issues including, but not limited to!

  • Straight forward advise on the requirements for surveys and management systems
  • Providing advice on the most practical, user friendly and efficient method for you to manage asbestos in your property or property portfolios.
  • Guidance on the preparation of control measures and the implementation of asbestos management systems.

Asbestos Reinspection Surveys

After a survey has been carried out it is common for asbestos containing materials to be left in place and safely managed, but it is required by the duty holder for these materials to be regularly inspected. Let us at ARL take the burden of this extra task from you.

We can carry out an Asbestos Reinspection Survey and update the conditions of any previously identified asbestos containing materials, as well as attempt to access any previously inaccessible areas. You will then receive a brand new report with updated recommendations and priority and risk assessments. Using this new information, we will then be able to update your Asbestos Management Plan for the premises, thus insuring you stay compliant with regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012).

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